Bolumar @ Cannibal Radio Podcast #26
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After we kicked off the week BIG with the three ho… Read More

Deltano @ 118bpmrules Podcast
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Okay so the week is almost over, time for the week… Read More

Paul Walter @ Project London Podcast
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Today we're looking at somthing new for a change.… Read More

Rhadow @ MyFavouriteFreaks Podcast #121
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Good Morning and Happy Monday to y'all (do you sti… Read More

Alex van Ratingen @ HNDSM Podcast #160
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Happy Friday everybody! It's Friday, and that can… Read More


After we kicked off the week BIG with the three hour monster from Ion Ludwig (click here if you missed it), we need a bit of a breather. Bolumar plays it mostly mellow, but still has a very nice flow. We especially like the “southern girl” track. Enjoy.

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Okay so the week is almost over, time for the weekend! Let’s celebrate with some 118 BPM goodness, shall we?

By the way, I am writing this on my phone because our internet provider decided to not fix some of their servers. Unfortunately, we need (and pay for!) these servers to work in order to deliver a fresh set to you every day.

Anyways, enjoy the set :)

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Today we’re looking at somthing new for a change. Project London Records has a podcast going, and they’re pretty good at it. Enjoy.

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Good Morning and Happy Monday to y’all (do you still say y’all?)


Anyways, Rhadow takes the crown today with his podcast for My Favourite Freaks. There even is a Q&A available, and the tracklisting is right there too, all for you to devour. Enjoy.

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Happy Friday everybody! It’s Friday, and that can only mean one thing: PARTY TIME! To get you in the mood, we have a smashing set from Dusseldorf local Alex van Ratingen, which he played for the HNDSM podcast series. Enjoy!

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There is a small club in Dusseldorf that only very few people know about. It’s a hidden gem, and the parties they throw there are invite-only. You know what this means, right? Exactly, that’s a recipe for some incredible sets, like this one. Check it out.

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Good Morning guys, today we have a little special something for you. If you haven’t heard of Aroma Pitch, then now you have. Their slightly old liveset at Stadtgarten in Cologne is nothing short of incredible. Enjoy.

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We’re finally back! After a long-ish break with some technical issues (really ugly ones), we are now back fresher than ever :)

Today’s set is from Daniele Griffo, who delivers an amazing musical journey for the fine people at Soundterasse. Check it out.

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Hey everyone! Hot Stuff from the lovely tINI today. Just in time for the opening of the season, Awakenings has released the set tINI played at the Awakenings festival on the Thursday before the Easter weekend. We here at the office dig it, and I’m sure you’ll like it too. Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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Good Morning! The guys and girls at Soundterrasse have done it again. Or rather, to be exact, Molly has one it again. Her set for the Soundtape podcast is abolutely epic. Check it out below.

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