Dalo @ Soundtape #34
dailytechno-admin 5 days ago

Good Morning! Today the fine people at Soundterras… Read More

Aphonyme @ WHSNXT #158
dailytechno-admin 7 days ago

Good Morning! We're really sorry for the lack of n… Read More

Delano Smith @ Circoloco, DC10, 05 AUG 2013
dailytechno-admin 2 weeks ago

Good Morning! I know, the Mondays got us yesterday… Read More

Glasersfeld: Troposphere
dailytechno-admin 3 weeks ago

Good Morning everyone! We are truly sorry for bein… Read More

Vinyl Speed Adjust @ Visionquest Podcast
dailytechno-admin 4 weeks ago

Good Morning! Last week was quite turbulent, which… Read More


Good Morning! Today the fine people at Soundterrasse are banging out a new set. More precisely, Dalo takes over the decks at KbF Radio and delivers a really nice one for us. We like it!

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Good Morning! We’re really sorry for the lack of new posts last week, but what can you do? If there’s nothing good to share with you, we’d much rather keep quiet for a day or two than lower our standards. If you have suggestions, you can always send them to us via our Facebook page or on Twitter.

Today though, we can more than make up for last weeks’s drought. We promise, this one will start your day right, because it comes right from the never-fail-to-deliver podcast series that is WHSNXT, more precisely from Aphonyme. Let’s go.

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Good Morning! I know, the Mondays got us yesterday. But today we’re totally making up for that with this incredible set by Delano Smith at Circoloco / DC10. It’s a bit old, but it still packs the punch to kickstart your day. Trust us, you will enjoy this.

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Good Morning everyone! We are truly sorry for being so inconsistent with our posts this week, but we are working on a huge project that we can’t really talk about yet… All we can say is that it should be ready by the end of the year – and it’s going to be HUGE! So stay tuned =)

But back to the music. The weekend is coming up, and naturally we have a nice and juicy set for you to devour. It’s by our friends from Glasersfeld, and it’s a massive one-and-a-half-hour vinyl only mix. What else do you need to know?

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Good Morning! Last week was quite turbulent, which is why you didn’t see as many posts as we would have liked to publish, but don’t worry. We’re back on track, and with a banger. This one from VSA for the Visionquest podcast is pretty awesome. Go check it out below.

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Good Morning everybody! I know. It’s Monday again. I feel it too. But don’t fret, we have something for you that will at least temporarily forget your blues and take you right back to that Saturday night you had in a dark club, with pounding bass massaging you. Here is Alex van Ratingen’s latest set for Pulse Radio, and we think you’ll like it. Enjoy.


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Hi there,

Today we have a real gem for you. It’s the recording of Oliver Koletzki playing at LFP in Germany this year, and we hope you like it just as much as we do. Enjoy.

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Once again it’s Monday, and once again we provie you with the finest soundtrack to get you out of bed. What else is there to say? 😉


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Yeah, we know. This one is a bit old, but still rocking strong in on of our crew members’ iTunes playlist. We thought it’d be nice for you guys (and gals) check out. Enjoy!

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Good Morning! It’s Monday again, but don’t worry, weekend isn’t over yet. At least not in our minds. For us, it lives on a little longer while we listen to Aphonyme’s set. Enjoy.

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