Piok @ Wakeful Podcast 2014
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Daniela La Luz & Yapacc Live @ Chapeau Klack, Berlin
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Medeew & Chicks Luv Us @ Shelter, Avignon
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Good Monday Morning guys! Hope your weekend was as… Read More

Forest People @ Forest #001
dailytechno-admin 5 days ago

Woohoo! It's Friday again and that means one thing… Read More

Prouldy People live @ Inmotion Music Radio
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Good morning guys! You remember Proudly People rig… Read More


Hi! I’d like to wish everyone a fantastic Wednesday morning. Hope your week is chugging along just as nicely as this one by Piok.

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Good Morning! Today we have something slightly different for you. This set is played 100% live, using nothing but hardware synthesizers as instruments. No CDs, no Traktor – not even Vinyl. We had a blast listening to it.

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Good Monday Morning guys! Hope your weekend was as awesome as mine. I sure had a blast! But that doesn’t mean I’ve been lazy, no, I’ve been hand-picking some AMAZING sets for you lately. Here is one of them.

What was your weekend like? Sound off in the comments below!

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Woohoo! It’s Friday again and that means one thing: We’re in party mode! And to get you into that mode too, we have exactly th right set for you. Forest People have been mostly flying under the radar until now, but that does not mean this set is not awesome. Have fun with this one and have a gread weekend. We’ll see you on the other side!

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Good morning guys! You remember Proudly People right? They are a personal favorite of ours here at the office, and they surely are shaking things up with their latest mix for Inmotion Music Radio in the US. Have a listen:

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Johnny be good! Juanito delivers a smashing set for the WHSNXT installment, and honestly, I have nothing more to say. Turn it up and enjoy!

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Hot on the heels of his last mix at WHSNXT, Teets has just uploaded another set to the Underground Lovestory podcast – and let me tell you, this one is even better. He is definitely not slowing down, that’s for sure. And guess what, we LOVE the deep, dubby, warm underground sound. It’s what we dance to every weekend and it’s going to be something you’ll love aswell.

It actually reminds us of a quite special club here in Düsseldorf. Can you guess which one? :)

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Good Monday Morning! To lessen your case of the Mondays, we have a fantastic all-vinyl set for you, proudly presented by Luca Binatti. It may be short in length, but it sure doesn’t fall short sound-wise. Enjoy!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, he honestly don’t know what to say about Yohan ‘B. So we won’t say anything. Just sit back, and listen.

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Howdy folks! You know we’ve been good friends with the folks at Ibiza Live Radio for a long time, right? Well, they just released a little preview of how it will be going down at their ILR party at WMC in Miami this year, and you definitely don’t want to miss that. Props to Miss Luna for laying down some serious house tunes! Oh, and did I mention we have a weekly show on Sunday mornings from 12-2AM? Tune in on ibizaliveradio.com!

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